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Boeken, oude Volvo

Volvo 1800 and 120 Owners Workshop Manual
Auteur: Brookland Books

Paperback | 178 Pagina's | Brooklands Books | UK Edition | 1992
ISBN: 1855201534

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Combination of two Autobook manuals which cover models P1800, 1800S, 1800E, 1800ES, 120 Series, 121, 122, 123GT, 131, 132, 133, 221, 222, 223. Chapters on fuel and cooling systems, electrics, bodywork, clutch and a buying secondhand guide. 184 pages, over 300 illustrations.
From Sweden to the World
Auteur: Richard Dredge

Hardcover | 160 Pagina's | Haynes Publishing Group | UK Edition | 2004
ISBN: 1859609643
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While Volvo continues to develop its sexy image, the enthusiast fan-base for the classic models remains strong albeit with little written about the marque. A mix of lively text and photography, this book gives an overview of Volvo's history from its formation in 1927 through to the present, describing the cars in detail and giving technical information, buying tips and personal impressions of individual models.;The book covers: safety and the early adoption of environmentalism to sell cars; pre-war Volvos, different models and the specialist 800-series; the PV444, PV445, Duett and PV544, specials such as the drop-head PV444, and prototypes Philip, Elizabeth and Margaret; the Amazon series, P1800, P1900 and 1800ES plus derivatives; the Rocket and Viking concepts; the 140 and 164 story, Zagato 3000GTZ concept and P172 coupe prototype; the 240 and 260-series, DAF acquisition and 300 series; concept cars, from the Venus Bilo of 1933 to the Volvo experimental taxi; the 700, 900 and 400-series, Renault and Mitsubishi partnerships and Volvo under Ford ownership.
Volvo Cars
A Rhapsody 1927-2000
Auteur: Christer Olsson, Norden Media & Jean Christer Olsson

Hardcover | Motorbooks International | UK Edition | 2000
ISBN: 3907153014
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The definitive, all-color history of Volvo automobiles features a multi-page spread for every model built by the Swedish carmaker from 1927 through the 2000 model year. Along with a concise description of each model's development and innovative significance, there's a smorgasbord of period promotional photography and specifications for every model variant, including: dates of manufacture, number built, wheelbase, track width, engine capacity and rating, and number of forward gears.
Volvo P1800
The Complete Story
Auteur: David G. Styles

Hardcover | 200 Pagina's | UK Edition | 2002
ISBN: 1861261950
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Designed in Sweden and Italy, built in England, Scotland and Sweden and sold all over the world, the Volvo 1800 is a car with a remarkable history to tell. David Styles takes us back to the first Volvo to discover the roots of the company's first purpose-built sports car. Tracing its design and development through to its launch in 1961, he covers the various variations of the 1800 coupe, the 1800ES 'sportwagon', the 480ES and the C70. Topics include: complete history of all 1800 variations; full technical specifications for each model and advice on buying and maintaining an 1800.
Volvo 1800 Gold Portfolio, 1960-73
The Complete Story
Auteur: R.M. Clarke

Paperback | 180 Pagina's | Brooklands Books | UK Edition | 1992
ISBN: 1855201305
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Eighty more pages and over 100 more illustrations than the regular Brooklands books. Expanded coverage features even more articles on your 1800 by the top automotive journalists from the worlds leading automotive publications.
Volvo PV444 and PV544 Performance Portfolio 1945-1965
Auteur: R.M. Clarke

Paperback | 136 Pagina's | Brooklands Books | UK Edition | 2001
ISBN: 1855205823

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Includes road and comparison tests, specifications, model introductions, performance data, an owner's report, touring, and a buyer's guide. Covers the PV444, K, L, California, PV544, Sport, Speical de luxe. 44 articles are sourced from Autocar, Car South Africa, Classic & Sports Car, Classic Cars, Foreign Cars Illustrated, Hot Rod, Motor, Motor Life, Motor Trend, Road & Track, Road Test, Small Car Parade, Speed Age, Sport Car Graphic, Sports Car World, Track & Traffic and the World Car Guide. Omhoog

Boeken, overig

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Volvo 740 and 760 (Petrol) 1982-91 Service and Repair Manual<br>M.K. Minter
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Oldtimercatalogus / 2004
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De auto van de 20ste eeuw
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